Sophia Del Pizzo, British actress and dancer.
  • New headshots by the uber cool Phil Sharp.

  • By the wickedly talented Italian

  • killertapir:

    Lovely Monster (2011)


    Thanks to whoever made these x

  • "

    Sophia has just finished shooting a lo-fi budget film with Jamie Thraves and Aidan Gillen.

    She played Aidan’s girlfriend… lucky!

  • Photos from my latest Music Video shoot for Youth Club

  • Filmmaker Riccardo Servini of Fake Plastic Videos is embarking on his first feature 'Memoria'. The feature will be highly experimental and already has some sensational imagery and references associated with it. 

    i was lucky enough to shoot a few test shots with Ric on what might have been the warmest day of the year so far… AND it was his birthday… Privileged eh? Hope you like.

    If you’re interested in auditioning for Memoria on JUNE 1st in London Email, for details 

    Here is a character breakdown (break it down now)

    S x

  • New Headshots by Richard Paris WIlson who you can find here